Customer Oriented & Professional Solutions

We are always at your service with different solutions and professional team for all your needs in your company.

Our services

Turnkey Project Service

In your machining projects, our professional team is at your service for all your needs, from tool design to mass production, according to your equipment and your wishes.

Special Tooling

We offer faster and error-free production solutions with special endmills, reamers, stepped special tools or forming tools which are suitable for your processing.

Machining Optimisation

In accordance with your manufacturing process, we can speed up your work and increase productivity by offering alternative solutions to replace your existing tools or new combined tools or machining methods for your existing machining.

Retooling Services

You can continue your manufacturing by grinding or renewing(re-tipping) your used tools safely and economically within the bounds of possibility.

Stock & Tool Inventory

By keeping all the tools you using or can use in future on your machining operations in stock for you, we can deliver them to our customers immediately in case of emergency.

Akın Kalkan

"As Hyperion, our only goal is to be your partner that always meeting the tool needs of your company with our entire team."

General Manager

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